• 1930

    The company considers the time when grandfather of the family Mehmet Salih PEKGÜZEL started forging and iron business as the beginning of its commerce career.

  • 1950

    Sülayman PEKGÜZEL, who is the second generation of the family has taken his place in the administration in order to improve the knowledge and the experience the company has.

  • 1962

    The family started manufacturing Security Doors and windows during the developing period of Turkey.

  • 1974

    The Family, which then incorporated with the name SÜSA, started manufacturing structural profiles that are the raw materials of Security Door and window production.

  • 1980

    With a perfect work principle and keeping track of the technology the company rapidly made a huge progress and became one of the biggest vendors in steel business in its own region.

  • 1992

    With the synergy and experience of teamwork, the third generation of the family, Yalçın, Şefika, Tacettin and Hüseyin PEKGÜZEL ensured that SUR Security Door is the most successful manufacturer of the sector.

  • 2005

    The Security Doors and systems SUR Security Door manufactured are tested and approved by the international security quadrat, Chiltern Institute.

  • SUR Security Door is the first Turkish company to get the test en 1627 for theft resistance.
  • 2005

    The first Security Door in Turkey, which was tested for fire resistance and got an international registration with the “Chiltern International Fire” certificate, was manufactured by SUR Security Door.

  • 2006

    For the first time in Turkey, SUR Security Door has introduced the aluminum coated Security Door for the consumers who place importance to their safety and taste.

  • 2006

    SUR Security Door has become the pioneer in its sector with innovations and has manufactured the first double gasket door in Turkey.

  • 2006

    As a leading company in Turkey with a huge investment on research and development and a vast number of designers employed, SUR Security Door has been the first company in the world to manufacture glass Security Door.

  • 2010

    For the first time in the world, SUR Security Door manufactured a door that automatically opens itself in an earthquake.

  • 2012

    On the basis of the material and technology used, SUR Security Door has been the first company to guarantee a door which cant be opened in the case of a theft.

  • 2013

    Being an unrivalled company with regard to its security systems, SUR Security Door has added a new innovative product to its product line and manufactured the first triple gasket Security Door in the world.

  • 2013

    İn a recent test carried out on the Security Doors, the company outscored its competitors with ten times more viewers on YouTube and with 6,000,000 viewers, has broken a record in its sector.